Hotmail Customer Service

Jun 28


Create a Hotmail Account

 Follow the sum step and set up your account. Personal information about you will be requested by Microsoft. It is not necessary to fill in all the information fields, if you would prefer your personal data remain confidential. if you forget password or lose access to your hotmail account, such information can be useful to recover it

Choosing Your Hotmail Password

When creating your password, we advise that you choose a password that is easy enough for you to remember, yet would be difficult for an outsider to guess. We recommend a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (!@#$). For further tips on how to create a secure and new password

Hotmail Identification

Once your Hotmail account has been created, you may test your login by going to the live homepage and logging in with your new username and password, if you facing any other hotmail related techni   facing other hotmail related issues and want hotmail technical support


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